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Recent statistics have indicated that nearly nine million American children are categorized as "overweight". Buying or making clothes for the plus size child can be a very stressful and difficult process as there is literally NO standard size that fits properly.

Size 16 Plus Doesn't Fit a 9 Year Old Girl

My friend has a 9 year old daughter who has a 36" chest, 34" tummy and 38" hips. Buying pre-made clothes for her is impossible since a skirt that fits in the waist has a length that goes past the feet, and long sleeves hang several inches below her fingers in order to get a size that fits in the chest and shoulders. My friend decided to try making some clothes, only to find similar problems with patterns. Thinking the new "plus" sizes would fit, she was disappointed to find that, while a 16 Plus would fit the chest, the "waistline" hung about 2-3 inches below her waist, the skirt length was way too long, the neck and armholes were much too large and the shoulder width fell way off the shoulder. After all, the measurements used in the store-bought patterns are for a "chubby" 16 year old, they're not designed for an extra chubby 9 year old. Knowing that I teach and sell pattern making books and classes, my friend came to me for help in getting something to fit her daughter. We took the child's measurements, then proceeded to make a pattern from "scratch" using her own measurements as a guide. 

Pattern Making Insures Perfect Fit

The dress fit perfectly! And rightly so, since we used her own personal measurements for the pattern. The same step-by-step methods used for making patterns for my friend's chubby daughter are available for you in a variety of online classes, with information and classes for plus size boys and plus size girls. In addition, we have a complete class on how to alter store bought patterns for the plus size boy or girl to use on the patterns you already have that you can't get to fit correctly. 

Many times we're told that clothing and store bought patterns for plus size children aren't the same as the "trendy" current style designs that are made for the "average" size child. Pattern making will eliminate that problem also. You'll be able to copy any design you see that is in a pattern book, on the rack, or something that your child's friends are wearing. You can even come up with your own designs and start a new trend! 

Join us in our online classes today. Don't worry about the classes not meeting your own personal schedule - you simply pay for whatever class you want, download it immediately, and work on it according to your schedule and at your own place. Finally, your plus size child, grandchild, niece or nephew can have stylish clothing that fits properly, and garments they'll be proud to wear!

Pattern Maker of 30 years Launches line of clothing patterns for Plus Size Children!

NOTE: We are excited about a new line of clothing patterns for plus size children, called PSC Patterns, that we have designed according to actual REAL measurements of plus size children, so that patterns will fit the majority of plus size children. 

Compare our pattern measurements to your child's, and you'll see which size range you'll need.  Each pattern has an enlarged view (click on the pattern number link), which gives the measurement chart for each size range, as well as the fabric requirements for each pattern.

PSCPatterns have been an instant hit, as D. Bloss tells us "for the very first time ever, I'm able to make clothing that fits my plus size daughter!  The size 10 in your size range 8-10-12 has measurements almost identical to my daughters - it's almost like you've used HER measurements in designing the patterns!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!"


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