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Sewing for plus size and overweight children is one of the most needed and practical professions in the world today.  Never before have the money making opportunities been so great as in this field.  Take a look around you and see how many children there are who aren't "average" size and wouldn't be able to wear clothing "off the rack" or fit into a pattern they've bought at the store.  Look how the clothes fit that they are wearing.  Are they tight and popping at the seams; or are they loose and hanging at the shoulders and too long in the sleeves, etc?

Most people, including those who sew, have no idea how to alter store bought patterns to fit the plus size, overweight children properly, and for sure wouldn't know how to use the child's own personal measurements to make a clothing pattern that would actually fit them.

This is where YOUR sewing experience comes in!  A lifetime of success can be yours simply by directing your sewing abilities into a profit making direction.  Your success is closer than you may think! 

After learning how to alter store bought patterns correctly for problem areas, (included in this manual) and how to make patterns (included in this manual) and getting the word out (see the section on "how to get FREE Advertising"), I can assure you that you'll have more business than you have hours in the day!  Nearly EVERYBODY needs this service or knows someone who does!

"Sewing for Plus Size Children as a Home Business" is a COMPLETE GUIDE for your part time or full time sewing and pattern making business.  We teach you how to make every pattern according to the individual customers' measurements, and show you with step by step illustrated instructions how to alter the store bought patterns to fit overweight children perfectly.

Sewing for Plus Size Children is a wide open field, with literally no competition.  Those who learn how to fit overweight boys and girls will have a never ending supply of potential customers.  If you already have a sewing machine you can turn your sewing hobby into an extremely profitable money making business with very little or no up front money!

"Sewing for Plus Size Children as a Home Business" is a complete "How-To" manual that is 8 1/2 x 11" in size, 258 pages and includes

  * All FOUR "Pattern Making for Children" classes:
  = Pattern Making for Plus Size Girls ages 2-8
  = Pattern Making for Plus Size Girls ages 8-12
  = Pattern Making for Plus Size Boys
  = How to Alter Store Bought Patterns for Boys and Girls
  * How to Start Your Own Business Guidelines
  * How to get FREE advertising for your business
  * How to keep records of your customers
  * How to set YOUR OWN HOURS
  * How to charge for your services
  * Where to get thread and notions at WHOLESALE  PRICES!
See "Table of Contents"

You do not need a lot of money to become a success in this business -- just sewing ability and a willingness to follow the instructions in this  manual.

If bought individually, the total price would be:

Four Pattern Making and Altering Patterns Classes ($14.95 x 4) $59.80
How To Start Your Business Book - purchased separately $19.95
   TOTAL $79.75
"Sewing for Plus Size Children as a Home Business" $64.95
      You save........... $14.80

"Sewing for Plus Size Children as a Home Business" $64.95 Plus $6.00 P&H (For US only -- out of country addresses please e-mail for shipping rates.)

For IMMEDIATE download of the PSCHB - "Sewing for Plus Size Children as a Home Business" $64.95 and SAVE on postage fees:

Don't have a Pay Pal account? E-mail us at with your credit card information, or call us at 800-883-2348 / 850-944-7570 with your Visa/MasterCard number and we will e-mail the link to you; or send your check/money order to us at Sarah Doyle, 3412 Holt Circle #PC, Pensacola, FL 32526, and upon receipt we will e-mail your link (don't forget to give us your e-mail address when ordering through the mail).  If you prefer to have a "print" version please add $6.00


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